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WEATHERHEAD Ian (born 1932)




Watercolour. Signed. 14” x 28 ¼”                                                                IMAGE



Mixed Media. Signed. 58 x 73cm                                                                 IMAGE



Mixed Media. Signed. 48.5 x 65.5cm                                                           IMAGE


“St Pancras”

Mixed media. Signed. 73 x 97cm                                                                  IMAGE



Mixed media. Signed. 76 x 86.5cm                                                               IMAGE





Ian Weatherhead was born in Yorkshire in 1932.  He studied architecture at the University of London and for some years worked as an architect on an archaeological mission in the Middle East.  A former pupil of William Wilson A.R.S.A., he now devotes himself fully to painting.  Architecture is still the main source of his inspiration, observed on travels across France from the Loire chateaux to the coastal villages and in Britain from the stately homes to Cheltenham's Regency Terraces.  His Grand Tours to Italy have inspired his brilliant paintings of Tuscany's classical villas and the Piazzas of Venice. In 1991 Ian Weatherhead received the Catto Gallery Award at the Royal Watercolour Society, a mark of his accomplishment.  His work is consistently represented in the major watercolour exhibitions throughout the country and is in public and private collections here and abroad.  He also regularly exhibits with the Royal Institute at the Mall Galleries. Work of his has been purchased for the House of Commons Art Collection.